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Everyone always said Temperance Keys was a little queer, but until now, she'd always passed it off as a point of folks bein' judgmental. She was a loud, boisterous girl, who preferred wearing britches to the hoop skirts and high-heeled shoes more proper to a fine lady. When she sat, her legs always spread open like a fella's, and she wore her blouse unbuttoned when it got to be just too damned hot in the office.

In the little sheriff's office, she felt powerful and nigh untouchable. Legs sprawled apart, she propped her feet on top of the paperwork on her desk, holding it down as he bare toes wiggled in the breeze sifting through the open window. Her hat was pulled down over unruly curly hair, hiding her doe brown eyes from view. Why, to any passer-by, she'd look to be asleep! Hell if she was, though. No, Deputy Temp Keys was wide awake, with those pretty doe eyes on the slim back of her superior.

It was hotter than hell out in this dyin' Kansas town. Something about pipes and wells and such (Temp didn't pay much attention when folks talked), brought the quiet, older female from her cozy cottage to the station. Her britches and blouse laid folded neatly on the back bench, the stained yellow walls protecting her naked body from view of them foul menfolk. She'd advised Temp to keep an eye out. She was. In a sense. Kinda. She was keepin' an eye out on the shorter woman, fascinated by her soft curves, breasts supple and firm on her strong chest. Temp herself was tall, but flat as a board and skinny as a rail. Her hips were wide as all get-out, too!

But the sheriff was a fine lady. Her hair was grayin', and there were crow's feet in the corners of her tired eyes, but as far as Temperance Keys was concerned, she was as fine a lady as they came. A fine lady indeed. Her skin had been scorched to an earthy brown; Temp was smart, though, and was fairly confident she had some Injun in her blood, even if it weren't the Injun around these parts. One worn hand worked the pump, splashing lukewarm water into her other open palm. Up the water went, onto her neck, where it trickled down beneath then under her bare breasts. A few drops made it down her soft stomach to curve around a hip, a thigh, even... why, even her down -there-!

Grinning, she tipped the brim of her hat up just a bit, adoring how the sun danced off of the woman's body. Maybe Temperance Keys was really a queer girl. As patient as the sheriff was, she doubted she'd care about a little staring. She'd probably care that Temp wanted to lick every drop of water from her legs, or kneel in front of her and just stare up at all her form had to offer. Yeah, she'd probably get her ears boxed for thinkin' that nonsense.

The deputy twitched in her seat, sitting up to grab hold of papers that were doing their best to escape from under her large feet. The rickety chair groaned underneath her weight (what?! She couldn't help it when Mrs. Peterson made them sweet breads every other damn day!), the legs scooting noisily across the floor.

Hell if she didn't -hear- the sheriff look over at her before she saw it. She sat up, hat crooked atop her tousled head, and gave a sheepish grin to that flat, disbelieving expression just out by the water pump. "Don' gimme that. Just startled myself awake, is all."

The sheriff just shook her head, turned her back to Temp, and kept right on washin'.
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